Boardwalks & bridges


Boardwalks are something of a Maydencroft speciality. We have built them for all the major conservation groups across the UK. Over boggy and wet ground, or open water, they are a magical way of being able to follow a trail through otherwise inaccessible ground.

We install wooden boardwalks and recycled plastic boardwalks or most commonly, a combination of both materials to give the appearance of a wooden boardwalk but with the extended life of a plastic structure.

If you have a project in mind, please contact our team for a free quotation.


We design, build and install a wide range of beautiful steel and wooden bridges to our clients' specifications and work for a variety of clients ranging from from golf courses to local authorities. Our bridges blend in with the natural environment and provide an attractive solution to traversing any size of waterway. We have specific insurance to cover bridge construction and design so our clients can have complete peace of mind that what we build will last for many years.

Our fully fitted workshop and highly skilled staff are able to make bespoke metal and wooden bridges, and can provide a free quotation for this type of structure.