Rivers, lakes & ponds

We design, create and maintain lakes and ponds; and have a sustainable and sensitive approach to each project. From the initial digging and excavation to completion and maintenance, we use appropriate materials, planting and landscaping to create lakes and ponds that are functional and beautiful; fitting harmoniously into their surroundings.

Most of our lake and pond projects are created for recreation, sporting or environmental purposes and we consequently have a range of clients with varying needs. From those with conservation as their key concern, to clients for whom aesthetic harmony is the most important factor.

We primarily use butyl lining and clay puddling in lake and pond construction, each material having its own benefits. Clay puddling is a completely natural lining material that is totally waterproof and allows for minimal water loss and maximum plant growth. Butyl lining is a reliable and cost effective method of lining a lake or pond and can be used as an alternative to clay.

Our consulting division can advise clients on permissions, design and any available grants. Our contracting division can provide a free quotation for lake design, construction and maintenance.


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