News - 2008

  • November 2008
    November 2008

    Saturday 1st November 2008

    Purchase of a brand new U20 Kubota "zero tail swing" digger.
    This top of the range 2.3 tonne machine has...

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  • October 2008
    October 2008

    Wednesday 1st October 2008

    The first Unimog is fully refurbished, including a new paint job in the company livery.

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  • September 2008
    September 2008

    Monday 1st September 2008

    Purchase of brand new TP wood chipper. Imported from Denmark, this top of the range machine is one of the...

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  • July 2008
    July 2008

    Tuesday 1st July 2008

    Delivery of a new top of the range electric fuel tank, the first of two identical tanks.

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  • May 2008
    May 2008

    Thursday 1st May 2008

    Purchase of a brand new 'Quickfencer.' This new piece of equipment allows us to use 500 metre rolls of sheep...

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  • April 2008
    April 2008

    Tuesday 1st April 2008

    The expansion of the existing yard to accomodate the new fleet.

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  • March 2008
    March 2008

    Saturday 1st March 2008

    Purchase of the first U1200 Unimog. "No other four-wheel drive truck or tractor can handle difficult jobs so professionally and...

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  • February 2008
    February 2008

    Friday 1st February 2008

    Purchase of brand new Wrag Powerswing Commander Opus post driver: "A new era for indispensible post drivers has arrived.

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  • January 2008
    January 2008

    Tuesday 1st January 2008

    Team photo
    Back Row (left to right)
    Stevan Stacey, Dobromir Berej, Stanislaw Berej, Zbigniew Ernest, Christopher Cooke-Hurle (Digger)

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