James Holloway-Holson Cert Arb L6 (ABC), MA (Cantab), MSc, PhD, MArborA

Arboricultural Consultant

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Trees being a lifelong obsession, James became an arborist after completing his PhD investigating roots and buried livewood in river systems, and is now a consultant with us, working primarily for Thames Water.

He progressed quickly from climber, to team leader, to surveyor, to consultant, and has recently completed a Level 6 Certificate in Arboriculture. Coming from a plant biology and ecology background at Cambridge, James worked as a Projects Advisor at the River Restoration Centre after completing his MSc in Environmental Water Management, working with the likes of government agencies, local authorities and conservation trusts, as well as researchers and policymakers.

His mission is to enable us to gain the maximum possible benefit from trees, particularly in the realm of sustainable water and flood management.