Neil Chamberlain BSc (Hons)

Senior Forestry Consultant

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Neil worked in banking before discovering a love for forestry back in the early nineties when he moved from London to South Wales. Working as a forestry contractor to the Forestry Commission, British Coal and Celtic Energy amongst others, Neil combined his forestry work with academic study at the renowned Newton Rigg Forestry School in the Lake District where he gained his knowledge of forest silviculture. Neil wanted to learn more about the historical significance of forests and the way people around the world interact with them so he combined working for the Forestry Commission with studying for an honours degree in Global Forest Resources and Forest Products technology.

After graduating from college Neil worked for a wholesale tree nursery before joining the Woodland Trust as the Woodland Officer for Hertfordshire. Neil spent 5 happy years there managing some very special places before returning to the commercial sector in 2005 after the birth of his two boys. Neil has a particular interest in continuous cover forestry and has been able to develop these skills further by working alongside one of the leading experts in continuous cover forestry, Mr Rik Pakenham who is the England co-ordinator for the Continuous Cover Forestry Group.

Neil now has 25 years knowledge of woodland management and has a deep empathy with forests and the wildlife communities they contain. He can help owners fulfil the commercial opportunities of a woodland whilst ensuring its long term sustainability by exploring a combination of timber marketing and grant opportunities. Neil is a professional tree inspector and has good experience of our industries statutory obligations.

When he’s not working in woodlands he’s either walking or mountain biking in them. Neil lives in the village of Oakley in Buckinghamshire with his family.