News - 2012

  • Purchase of a Spearhead 655T
    Purchase of a Spearhead 655T

    Saturday 1st December 2012

    Maydencroft’s continuing investment in highly efficient specialist pieces of machinery is continuing with the purchase of a Spearhead 655T long reach telescopic side-arm flail. This brand new piece of equipment will help make savings when carrying out hedge cutting operations.
    We have also invested in a new ‘Quadsaw’ attachment that is used for cutting larger trees, which is perfect for...

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  • The arrival of Justin Nuttal
    The arrival of Justin Nuttal

    Thursday 1st November 2012

    We are proud to announce the arrival of Justin Nuttall. Justin has taken a new position here at Maydencroft as a Specialist Vehicle Operator (SVO). He drives our 32 tonne lorry, the tractors with all their attachments and the Unimogs. He is a highly skilled member of the team with both an agricultural and a haulage background.
    In 2015 he...

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  • Maydencroft Limited is now an ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC)
    Maydencroft Limited is now an ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC)

    Monday 1st October 2012

    Maydencroft Limited has achieved the status of ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC)
    ArbAC is a national tree surgery competence accreditation scheme operated by the Arboricultural Association, a national tree-care industry body (see, which requires the contractor to meet 65 detailed criteria points covering four key areas and then exhaustively tests all aspects of a tree-care business’s operation and management:-

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  • Maydencroft launches apprenticeship programme
    Maydencroft launches apprenticeship programme

    Saturday 1st September 2012

    At the beginning of this month Ben Salt, 18 and Joshua Hayes, 23, started their apprenticeship with Maydencroft. We are delighted to be running this scheme with Shuttleworth Agricultural College and look forward to establishing the careers of two enthusiastic additions to the Maydencroft team, which now totals 32 permanent employees.
    There was a great deal of competition for the...

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  • MJT Design and Landscapes Takeover
    MJT Design and Landscapes Takeover

    Wednesday 1st August 2012

    This month marks the launch of a new team of expert landscapers under the Maydencroft ‘umbrella’.
    MJT Design and Landscapes has merged with Maydencroft Limited as part of a strategy between Matt Turner (of MJT) and Tom Williams to increase the scope of specialisms within Maydencroft, and to attain additional, experienced support for some of the large-scale projects that Maydencroft...

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  • Maydencroft Limited - goodbye Maydencroft Rural
    Maydencroft Limited - goodbye Maydencroft Rural

    Sunday 1st July 2012

    Maydencroft Limited launches this month as the new company name to encompass the entire Maydencroft group of businesses. This reflects the fact that the company has grown rapidly since inception five years ago and there are now a number of divisions, of which the contracting arm Maydencroft Rural - the previous company name - is still a fundamental part.

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  • Maydencroft at Herts County Show
    Maydencroft at Herts County Show

    Friday 1st June 2012

    Maydencroft provides a Kubota U20 excavator for the fourth year running for the Herts County Show. With over 250 children having a go over the Jubilee weekend, the stand was once again hugely popular.

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  • The brand new fleet of matching Toyota Hiluxs
    The brand new fleet of matching Toyota Hiluxs

    Tuesday 1st May 2012

    The brand new fleet of matching Toyota Hiluxs have now replaced our Mitsubishi pickups. Standing beside them are a proud Digger Cooke-Hurle, Contract Manager and Chris Beer, Operations Supervisor.

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  • New forestry lorry
    New forestry lorry

    Sunday 1st April 2012

    This shows us using our forestry lorry for the first time with one of our unimogs behind producing G30 woodchip for the woodfuel market.

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  • Maydencroft goes green
    Maydencroft goes green

    Thursday 1st March 2012

    Keeping operations green at Maydencroft is an integral part of our ethos and this week saw the installation of solar photovoltaic panels in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint.
    The 32 panels will provide up to 8 kilowatts of electricity at peak output. Even now, in early March, the panels are generating an impressive amount of energy so we...

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  • Working with local tree wardens
    Working with local tree wardens

    Wednesday 1st February 2012

    With the beginning of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council young tree maintenance contract, Digger and Chris are demonstrating to local volunteer tree wardens how urban street trees are planted. They will then be able to help look after them along side us.

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  • Our ever-expanding yard
    Our ever-expanding yard

    Sunday 1st January 2012

    Further expansion of the existing yard to accomodate the growing fleet of vehilces, plant and machinery.

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