News - 2008

  • November 2008
    November 2008

    Saturday 1st November 2008

    Purchase of a brand new U20 Kubota "zero tail swing" digger.
    This top of the range 2.3 tonne machine has retractable tracks to spread ground compaction or to access sites with restricted access.

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  • October 2008
    October 2008

    Wednesday 1st October 2008

    The first Unimog is fully refurbished, including a new paint job in the company livery.

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  • September 2008
    September 2008

    Monday 1st September 2008

    Purchase of brand new TP wood chipper. Imported from Denmark, this top of the range machine is one of the heaviest duty of it's type and will chip wood up to 7 inches in diameter.

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  • July 2008
    July 2008

    Tuesday 1st July 2008

    Delivery of a new top of the range electric fuel tank, the first of two identical tanks.

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  • May 2008
    May 2008

    Thursday 1st May 2008

    Purchase of a brand new 'Quickfencer.' This new piece of equipment allows us to use 500 metre rolls of sheep netting and 2,000 metre rolls of barbed wire.
    Together with a Unimog and Wrag post driver this makes us one of the most efficient fencing teams in the country!

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  • April 2008
    April 2008

    Tuesday 1st April 2008

    The expansion of the existing yard to accomodate the new fleet.

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  • March 2008
    March 2008

    Saturday 1st March 2008

    Purchase of the first U1200 Unimog. "No other four-wheel drive truck or tractor can handle difficult jobs so professionally and competently. The Unimog tackles terrain that would swallow other vehicles whole and carries the tools and equipment to achieve the most arduous tasks."
    It can travel to site at over 50 mph and arrives fully equipped to start work.

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  • February 2008
    February 2008

    Friday 1st February 2008

    Purchase of brand new Wrag Powerswing Commander Opus post driver: "A new era for indispensible post drivers has arrived.
    The Opus complements the most modern powerful post driver range on the market today." Fully hydraulic with a rock spike and 300 kg hammer.

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  • January 2008
    January 2008

    Tuesday 1st January 2008

    Team photo
    Back Row (left to right)
    Stevan Stacey, Dobromir Berej, Stanislaw Berej, Zbigniew Ernest, Christopher Cooke-Hurle (Digger)
    Front Row (left to right)
    Grzegorz Gawin, Tom Williams, Linda Eldridge, Patryk Zielinski, (Jack the dog), Darryn Hornblower

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