The Farm is set in the countryside of North Hertfordshire just beyond the northern boundary of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The Maydencroft herd of Longhorn Cattle was established in 1982 by Robert Williams when Longhorns were very much a rare breed. The success of the herd here was an instrumental part of re-establishing this much loved, iconic British farm animal across the region.

Today the herd stands at an average of 180 head of cattle, grazing throughout Hertfordshire, both on Maydencroft farmland and on behalf of a wide variety of clients who recognise the breed’s great strength in promoting the diversity of wildlife on the grassland that they graze.

The herd have also acquired celebrity status, following their appearance on primetime BBC, when John Torode visited the farm to view the cattle, then roasted a rib joint to showcase the best of British beef! They have even grazed in London’s Holland Park.

In addition to our cattle, we are also passionate about using our farm as a platform for all forms of environmental education, and regularly host school visits and training days.

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  • The Maydencroft herd
    The Maydencroft herd

    A brief introduction to the Longhorn breed:
    Character: Generally docile and responsive, the bulls are acknowledged as being quiet. Longhorns can be easily used to graze areas of land with public access such as footpaths.
    Appearance: They are one of the largest and heaviest of the British native breeds. Their coats vary from pale roan to dark brindle, but always...

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  • Our conservation grazing service
    Our conservation grazing service

    Maydencroft Farm offers conservation grazing services to conservation bodies, land managers and local authorities interested in improving or conserving the natural environment. Our more formal approach to grazing land to an agreed specification enables us to provide our partners and clients with a unique conservation grazing service. However, there is more to successful working partnerships than just managing the grassland....

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  • Visiting our farm
    Visiting our farm

    Maydencroft Farm embraces all forms of outdoor education. We host regular visits from local schools, colleges, societies and interest groups. The visits from local school children and cub scouts groups to the farm are part of our passionate commitment to ensuring that children don’t lose that vital link with the great outdoors. The National Trust's recent report which showed that...

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  • Cut and lift operations
    Cut and lift operations

    Grassland relies on grazing to prevent encroachment of scrub but cattle and sheep are not always the practical option. In this case an annual cut is the traditional and practical answer to keep pasture
    A tractor with a flail mower or topper will cut the vegetation but a thatch of cuttings is left behind which obstructs the growth of all...

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  • How to buy our beef
    How to buy our beef

    You can purchase Maydencroft Longhorn beef in a number of ways:
    1). Allinghams Butcher, Hitchin
    We supply meat to Allinghams and you can order from their excellent website, or call: 01462 459605, email: or why not pop in and visit this traditional British butcher at 22 Market Place, Hitchin.
    2). Marks & Spencer
    Our Longhorn beef can be found...

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