Landscape & Countryside

Maydencroft understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and helped us come up with a suitable plan and with very little fuss.

Our team use their wide range of skills and expertise to deliver high quality multi-disciplinary projects to a range of clients to ensure our projects can be completed pragmatically, following best practice guidance in both the private and public sector.

As a team, we ensure that our projects are tailored to the requirement of each client. We are excellent at working closely with people to develop cost-effective and inspired solutions and our ability to build strong professional relationships means that we hold long-term contracts with a number of our clients.

Our work also extends to offering advice and auditing services for agri-environment schemes, along with completing applications for new schemes on the client’s behalf.

  • Grants & funding
    Grants & funding

    Since 2010, we have secured over £6million of Government and European funding for our clients. Working closely with Natural England and the Forestry Commission, these grants have supported farmers, local authorities, utility companies and private individuals to undertake projects such as agri-environment schemes, landscape restoration and habitat creation.

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  • Landscape design and construction
    Landscape design and construction

    We carry out all types of landscape construction for landscape architects, garden designers, property management and construction companies, utilities, local authorities and home owners.
    Our depth of knowledge and wide array of specialised machinery and equipment means that our highly skilled teams have the expertise to deliver both hard and soft landscaping projects.
    We have a broad and diverse portfolio...

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  • Landscape management
    Landscape management

    Our experienced team at Maydencroft can provide:
    conservation advice and management plans whole farm landscape and environment assessments large scale hedgerow and parkland restoration the reintroduction of livestock extensive forestry and woodland plans individual tree works rhododendron control orchard restoration or creation river, lake and pond restoration plans
    Any landscape and habitat creation works can be carried by our Contracting...

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  • Landscape & estate restoration
    Landscape & estate restoration

    We undertake parkland restoration projects and can carry out all necessary works including veteran tree surgery, parkland tree planting and tree guards. We can carry out grassland improvement works including a grazing service using our prize winning herd of Longhorn cattle. We restore lakes and water courses, carry out fencing works, plant new hedgerows and coppice and lay existing hedgerows...

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  • Landscape & visual impact assessment (LVIA)
    Landscape & visual impact assessment (LVIA)

    Our multi-disciplinary project teams draw on a wide knowledge base from across Maydencroft to create practical work schedules and implementation plans. These plans help our clients to deliver complex projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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  • Managing land for clients
    Managing land for clients

    We work with utility and development companies with large land holdings, helping them to comply with their legal obligations and best practice. On-going site monitoring for tree safety, invasive species and protected species, managing progress and issues as they arise. We also look after our clients’ interests where land is tenanted.

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  • River, lake & pond works
    River, lake & pond works

    We design, create and maintain lakes and ponds; and have a sustainable and sensitive approach to each project. From the initial digging and excavation to completion and maintenance, we use appropriate materials, planting and landscaping to create lakes and ponds that are functional and beautiful; fitting harmoniously into their surroundings.
    Most of our lake and pond projects are created for...

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  • Boardwalks & bridges
    Boardwalks & bridges

    Boardwalks are something of a Maydencroft speciality. We have built them for all the major conservation groups across the UK. Over boggy and wet ground, or open water, they are a magical way of being able to follow a trail through otherwise inaccessible ground.
    We install wooden boardwalks and recycled plastic boardwalks or most commonly, a combination of both...

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  • Fencing

    With our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, and dedicated teams we install all types of fencing such as:
    Traditional estate fencing
    Stock fencing & livestock compounds
    Deer fencing
    Security fencing
    Rabbit fencing
    Post and rail fencing
    Panel & closeboard fencing
    Hit and miss fencing
    We have gone to great lengths to ensure that when we use timber, it lasts. We only...

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  • Hedgerow management
    Hedgerow management

    Hedge laying
    A good hedge is essential for pastoral farming, for although post and wire fences are easier to put in they do not provide the same shelter to livestock and require more maintenance. Hedges act as a windbreak, protecting the soil structure of arable farmland. A well- managed hedgerow is thick and bushy, an impenetrable barrier to sheep and...

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